8 teething hacks every mum has to note

8 teething hacks every mum has to note
October 17, 2019 Kaosiso Anaekwe\

Being a mum is one a beautiful experience especially when you have a beautiful, smart and happy baby. This motherhood experience fills you with joy and you want to always see your baby smile and laugh always.

However, once your baby turns 6 months and they start teething, that beautiful baby of yours will not let you sleep or catch a break as their crying will always be in the ascendency and might be frustrating to first-time mums and even the kids. Teething is one of the most exciting yet frustrating milestones that every baby and mommy relationship goes through.

Every baby is different, some may even start teething at 3 months and others at 12 months. Teething can come with fever, ear pain, a ton of crying and the usual gum grinding on anything your baby can get their little hands on. If you’re a first-time mom, teething can come as a shock to you. Even if you’ve read more than 4 pregnancy books while being pregnant, nothing can really prepare you for the moment your child is in pain and you have no idea how to fix it. We have done the research for you and have found 8 teething hacks every mom should know that will save you and baby tears.

Hack 1 – Frozen Treats works wonders

That moment when you see your baby itching to chew on anything or everything is the moment you’ll realize that your baby is going through the teething stage.

A great way to soothe those itchy gums is to give them some frozen treats like frozen fruit, yogurt, and ice pops. This action will numb the gum as they chew away. The combination of instant relief and sweet savoury taste will bring instant relief and smile to your baby’s face.

Hack 2 – Get Them Teething Rings

If everything else fails and your baby is still fussing due to teething, using a teething ring is the way to go. Teething rings are made with bumps and lumps that will help your baby scratch their very itchy gums. This is perfect for them and is the reason why we as mothers freeze them to give our baby a cooling effect while they get their itch out of the way.
Always clean your teething rings after your baby has used them. Babies tend to let their teething rings slip and fall while they are covered in drool. This will attract any dirt or hair that’s on the floor. You don’t want you, baby, to accidentally eat dirt or hair, so make sure you always give your baby a clean teething ring. Also, try not to use teething rings that are full of liquid, the best teething rings are solid rubber or silicone.
Hack 3 – Try Pacify Pops

The lovely pacifier that keeps our babies calm when they’re fussy, and also allows us moms to have some quiet time when we need it most. Pacifiers are truly a gift from God, they allow our babies to stay occupied which keeps them tranquil most of the time. We can actually transform the glorious pacifier into an even better idea. Pacifier pops.
Right before bed take an ice tray fill them up with water, juice, and yogurt. Take your baby’s pacifiers and dip them in. Leave them inside the ice tray and put it in the freezer. Freeze overnight and you will have pacifier pops in the morning. However, prepare for your baby to become addicted to these. They will love the flavor and the cooling effect the frozen pacifiers will have.

Hack 4 – Use Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is extremely comforting to a baby. In many Hispanic households, chamomile tea is given to babies after they are 2 months old to ease the effects of colic and help babies get a better night’s sleep. Chamomile tea is a flower that when used in tea has a comforting agent which will help your baby feel more relaxed. You may have seen it in your grocery store as a night time tea.
One way to incorporate chamomile tea into your baby’s everyday diet is by adding a little bit of chamomile tea into their meals. This is good if you cook homemade baby food for your baby. By adding a little bit of chamomile tea to their baby food you can help ease their pain and soothe their poor gums, you only need a couple of teaspoons of tea.

Hack 5 – Give them Some Warm Bath

Right before bed is a good time to give your baby a warm bath. Some doctors recommend giving babies tepid baths to help infants to feel relaxed and comfortable, making it easier for them to fall into a deep sleep. During the time that your baby is teething, warm baths can really come in handy. When your baby is fussy and not feeling very well from their tiny teeth trying to break through the gums, try giving them a warm bath, it can do wonders for them.
By giving your baby a warm bath a couple of times a day you will be helping your baby sleep better and take longer naps. We recommend giving your baby warm baths 3 times a day while they are teething. It will comfort them and help them take a nap in the middle of the day. Giving you a few minutes to freeze some frozen fruit and have them ready for when they wake up.

Hack 6 – Clean Your Baby’s Gum Frequently

While your baby is teething they can cause abrasions on their gums because they will chew on everything they can get their hands on. When abrasions are caused on a baby’s gums it can cause infections because dirt and food can become trapped in them. One way to help ease their gums is to keep the gums clean. By keeping them clean, you will be removing any dirt that may have become trapped in the little crevices of your babies gums.
An easy way to do this is by taking a wet washcloth and massaging their gums. First thing is to wet the facecloth with cold water and remove any excess water from it. Put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes and then start cleaning your baby’s gums with it. The cold feeling will help with the inflammation of your baby’s gums and the massaging will help console them as well.


Hack 7 – Keep Your Baby Hydrated

If your little one is refusing to eat because they are in pain from their growing teeth – make sure you keep them hydrated.
Teething pains makes kids lose appetite and they tend to eat less during this period
The best thing to help them in this situation is to offer them plenty of water, milk, and juice throughout the day. This can be in their bottle and have them sip throughout the day.

Hack 8 – Get a Teething Necklace on you

When you are out in public and you have your cute, little, chubby-faced, angel on your hip casually sucking on your shirt to soak up the slobber that they’ve accumulated from their teething mouths, you will look like a complete fool.

Buy yourself a beautiful teething necklace that is made of 100% food-grade silicone material, that means NO MOLD. This way baby will have something to chew on instead of your shirt/hair/shoulder.
Not only are teething necklaces adorable accessories for you, but they also work wonders for little babies as well.